MSU College Ipoh is a an institution of higher education committed to meeting the educational and professional needs of its students. It was located at Medan Meru Bestari, Ipoh nearby to Mydin Meru shopping mall. This branch provides a big opportunity for the Perak citizens to continue their studies at higher level without moving out from Perak. Apart from that, this branch began operating by offering academic programs for students staying around Perak.

There are many courses offered including certificates and diplomas for SPM and STPM leavers. As a regional center for MSU, MSU Ipoh offers the university's diploma and certificate program for students who are interested without following it at MSU campus in Shah Alam.

Apparently, the building was located opposite to MCD Meru and the buildings are spacious with facilities that enable students to enjoy a successful academic and social life. In spite of that, MSU College Ipoh has outstanding facilities that span many academic areas and rival the equipment found at leading research institutions.The campus comprises of a library, computer laboratory, classrooms, drawing class, lobby and administration and lecturer office.

One of important facilities that produce conducive and student-centred learning environment is classroom arrangement. This college has developed student-centred classroom arrangement to encourage 21st century learning among the students. All the classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector, whiteboards around the classroom and air conditioning units for cool and warm air. The main purpose the classroom was designed with whiteboards around the class is to encourage flipped classroom and student learning. Besides, there is also computer lab for the information technology and graphic students learning to utilize it for their study purposes. Moreover, the Graphic Design students can use the lab for designing purposes and do some research.

The College library is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment of the College. The library is well-equipped with a wide range of books and academic journals material in order to meet the educational needs of students. The library is specially designed for reading purposes and student discussion area. The library has enough seating capacity and was fully accessible to college network. Yet, it is ideal for studying in peace and quiet. Furthermore, library collections are well organized and are arranged for efficient retrieval at the time of need. The referencing system of the library is computerized and can be accessed via mobile phones. A user can track down a book by simply entering the author’s name or the book’s title. The user can also search the database by subject so he/she can look at every book that covers a specific topic. The library uses the OPAC system for organizing the collections.

In addition, the quality of our education is a mirror image of our lecturer achievement. The dedicated faculty and staff of the MSU College Ipoh take a personal interest in each student’s success. Working together, administrative staff / members and students create and nurture a community that fosters mutual trust and respect through formal and informal interaction.

Thus, MSU College Ipoh will be suitable place for everyone who planning to further their study because it provides us with modern, sleek and vibrantof environment and experienced educators.


  1. Diploma Pengurusan JPT/BPP (R3/0414/4/0211) (11/28) (A9355)
  2. Sijil Pengurusan Perniagaan JPT/BPP (R2/345/3/1065) (11/23) (A9251)

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No 96, 98, Jalan Meru Bestari B2,
Medan Meru Bestari, 30020 Ipoh, Perak

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