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About Us

MSU Learning Centre Kuala Lumpur is an institution of higher education committed to meet the educational needs of its students. Strategically located in Plaza Platinum Sentral where it is connected to KL Sentral, the Hub for transportations in Kuala Lumpur which makes is most convenient to students staying along the LRT/MRT/Commuter route.

This college has developed a student-centred facilities to encourage 21st century learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with LCD projector and WiFi coverage. There is also a computer lab for the information technology and graphic students for their study purposes.

The library is well-equipped with a wide range of books and academic journals material in order to meet the educational needs of students.Specially designed seating area for reading purposes and group discussions. Fully accessible to college network and the ambience is very ideal for studying in peace and quiet.

The dedicated Academic team of MSU Learning Centre takes a personal interest in each student’s success through the Mentor-Mentee system. Working together are the support team to ensure the smooth running of the learning process in campus. These friendly environment creates and nurture a community that fosters mutual trust and respect through formal and informal interaction.

Thus, MSU Learning Centre will be a suitable place for everyone who is planning to further their study because it provides the modern, sleek and vibrant environment and experienced educators.

Call us at 03-2718 4300 / 017- 658 2852/ 017-580 1668 for more information on the programmes offered and dates of intake.

Programs Offered at MSU Learning Centre 2021

  • Sijil Pengurusan Perniagaan (R/340/3/0414)
  • Sijil Operasi Hotel & Katering (R/811/3/0292)
  • Sijil Fotografi Digital (R/213/3/0218)
  • Sijil Sains Komputer (R/481/3/0491)

  • Foundation in Business (R2/010/3/0169)
  • Foundation in Information Technology (R2/010/3/0467)
  • Foundation in TESL (R/222/3/0007)

  • Diploma in Management (R2/345/4/0068)
  • Diploma in Human Capital Management (R2/345/4/0126)
  • Diploma in Accounting (R2/344/4/0054)
  • Diploma in Graphic Design (R2/214/4/0189)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (R2/481/4/0090)
  • Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (R3/811/4/0007)
  • Diploma in Public Relations & Entertaiment Management (R2/321/4/0122)
  • Diploma in Education (TESL) (R2/145/4/0040)

  • Bachelor in International Business (Hons) (R2/340/6/0065)
  • Bachelor in Human Capital Management (Hons) (R2/345/6/0127)
  • Bachelor in Accounting (Hons) (R2/344/6/0079)
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons) (R2/481/6/0091)
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design (Hons) (R/213/6/0261)
  • Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons) (R2/812/6/0034)

Contact Us

MSU Learning Centre DU019 (B)

Level 3, Plaza Platinum Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 23
50470 Kuala Lumpur
03- 2718 4300 / 017-580 1668

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