A most successful future with MSU College Sarawak!

Ensure a most successful future through Malaysia’s University of Outstanding Ability.

Go beyond our programme studies to identify and unlock your hidden talent and you are guaranteed a successful future. Match your talent to your career choice and you will enjoy challenges that help you leap ahead of others.

MSU College Sarawak is a university like no others, based on MSU vision 'transforming lives, enriching future', you will embarking the journey of 21st century education with us, by experiencing a transformation in your life and subsequently, your future will be greatly enriched.

MSU College Sarawak offers 14 diploma programmes, ranging from Health Sciences and Technology programme to Education, Hospitality and Business programme. Apart from that, we also offer Blended Learning Programme which specifically catered to working students.

In MSU College Sarawak, we greatly emphasise on building up soft-skills ability among our students. Through one of our mandatory subjects, the Personal Enrichment Competency (PEC), students will experience nine different modules which focus on the integration of soft-skills abilities and leadership empowerment.

Above all, we are a unique entity of an education hub. We grow strong together with students and in fact, we are their second family. Being with us will not only would elevate your quality of education to a certain remarkable standard, but your life will surely be lifted higher than before!

MSU College Sarawak, the best or nothing.

Programme Offered

  • Bachelor in International Business (Hons) in Collaboration with MSU (R3/340/3/0251) (06/27) (A8038)
  • Diploma Pengurusan (R2/345/4/0854) (06/26) (A7172)
  • Diploma Perakaunan (R3/344/4/0037) (02/25) (A5498)
  • Diploma Perguruan (ELT) (R/141/4/0043) (03/25) (A8714)
  • Diploma Pengurusan Pelancongan (R3/811/4/0332) (12/26) (A7664)
  • Diploma Seni Kulinari (R2/811/4/0104) (09/23) ( A9379)
  • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektrik & Elektronik (R3/523/4/0025) (02/25) (A5161)
  • Diploma Teknologi Makmal Perubatan (R2/725/4/0059) (08/25) (A6352)
  • Sijil Pengurusan Perniagaan (R3/340/3/0062) (05/27) (A7938)
  • Sijil Operasi Pelancongan (R2/812/3/0028) (01/26) (MQA/FA 5011)
  • Sijil Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Elektronik (R2/523/3/0253) (02/25) (A5497)
  • Sijil Sains Kesihatan (R2/720/3/0076) (01/26) (A6349)

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Taman Satria Jaya, BDC,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
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