Tracer Study
  1. All graduands are required to complete the Tracer Study survey stipulated by the Ministry of Higher Education BEFORE registration for your convocation.
  2. You are required to complete the survey IN CAMPUS prior to the convocation registration. Upon completion you will be given a Tracer Study Coupon as evidence that the survey has been completed in campus. The Tracer Study Coupon is required for the collection of the convocation robe.
  3. You may complete the survey on any of the following dates.
Day Time Date
15-18 April 2019
12.00 noon - 2.00 pm Academic Tower
Library Level 5
Friday (19/4/19) 7.00 am - 3.00 pm Science Tower
S 0601, S 0602, S 0701, S 0702,
S 0704, S 0705

Any enquiry, please refer to Alumni Unit at 0355216868 ext 6774/6775

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